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My name is Wayne Czybora. I started Bonafide Home Inspections back in 1994 with the goal of providing a superior home inspection so homebuyers can feel good about moving into their new home. Prior to that, I was an exterminator for 7 years and have retained my pest license ever since. This experience comes in handy when looking for signs of insect damage, as insects can cause significant damage to a house. It is highly unlikely that you will find another home inspector with that much experience in pest control (if any at all) along with that much experience in home inspections. Now, I'm not just talking about having a pest license. I'm talking about having the actual experience as an exterminator. Anyone can get a pest license.

If you want to find some of the best home inspectors in MA and NH, you really need to do some research. There's nothing worse than moving into a house and then realizing that you need to sink $20,000 into it right away, all because of an incompetent home inspector.

First, go to the State's Board of Home Inspectors' website and make sure the inspector's license is still valid. Second, check the inspector out at the Better Business Bureau. Check for complaints and read any reviews that may be posted. And don't just go for the cheapest home inspector. In this business, oftentimes you generally get what you pay for. Whatever you're spending for that house, it's a lot of money and searching for a home inspector with a “bargain hunter's” mentality is definitely not the right approach. Hope to hear from you soon.

Scituate, Massachusetts

Introduction to Scituate, Massachusetts

Scituate, Massachusetts, in Plymouth county, is 11 miles E of Weymouth, Massachusetts and 20 miles SE of Boston, Massachusetts. The town is part of the Boston metropolitan statistical area. About 17,863 people live in Scituate.

Scituate History

The earliest settlers arrived in this area from Plymouth in 1627. In the initial days, the General Court at Plymouth governed this area until the town was incorporated in 1636 as a separate entity. The name of the town is based on an Indian word ’satuit” which means cold brook. Fishing and sea mossing were the major industries in the earlier times.

Scituate and nearby Attractions

Things To Do In Scituate

As Scituate is a coastal town, ocean related activities are quite popular here. One can go swimming fishing and sailing and lazing around on the beach is also a popular activity. There are many spots of historical interest. The month of August has the townspeople celebrating the founding of Scituate with a festival known as “Heritage Day.”

Scituate Transportation

Air transportation is provided by Boston Logan International Airport.

Scituate Higher Education

Quincy College offers opportunities for higher education.

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